Hello, sweet family!

Have you heard the word?  Our sweet co-conspirator Pancho is walking a slow path towards the so-called “border” between the parts of the Planet we call Mexico and the US.  I am joining him, perhaps with a few other faces you might find familiar.

What is this about?  Pancho felt called to bring a “caravan from the north” to echo the migration of people from the parts of the Earth we call Central America and Mexico and to draw attention to the ecological, social, political, and humanitarian crises both in the places the migrants are leaving and in the situation at the so-called “border”.

As you can imagine, Pancho saw this as a wide-scale internal crisis as well and, thus, sees this journey as a pathway for humans back to ourselves and to our intrinsic love of each other and the Planet.

This vision has expanded into a walk that restores not only these webs of social connections but also regenerates the ecology of historic paths of migration along the ~600 miles from Oakland to the so-called “border”.  As we travel, we are quite literally sowing seeds along our route, creating a path that can support humans and other forms of life along this corridor. The vision is for a vibrant ecological corridor with way-stations every ten miles or less for human travelers as they pass along this route.  The acts of service and the conversations we have along the way will hopefully also open the people we meet to our human and more-than-human planetary family.

We draw inspiration from the living bridges in the part of the planet we call Meghalaya which take several generations to build and persist for many centuries.  We hope to build on those who have tended these corridors in the past and to build something beautiful and life-giving for those on this planet long after we are gone.

We invite you to engage in whatever way feels right for you, and are excited to live the vision for our world through this journey.

With love and seeds and soon-to-be-sore feet,



One thought on “Message From Erin

  1. Hi Erin. I met you and Pancho yesterday in the huge metropolis of Tipton, California. I hope you made it safely to Pixley, Delano and Bakersfield. Take care of yourselves and thank you for the inspiration. I admire your mission of love.


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